We help companies in designing, building and scaling their ambitious software

A team of software experts with technological leadership and a consulting partner for the management and governance of complex software architectures

What we can do for you

Who we are

coders51 is a team of software experts with technological leadership and a consulting partner for the management and governance of complex software architectures.

The ideal scenario in which we operate is that of software products with a high level of innovation and uncertainty, where rigorous discipline and risk management methodology can make the difference.

We are experts, not only developers: we have a high level of seniority that unites technical operational skills with experience of managing highly-complex software architectures, regulated by a rigid and binding professional code of conduct.

We are partners, not service providers: we find value in being called into question and calling others into question. Our process involves directness and the freedom to discuss.

What we do

Design, develop and scale software platforms

coders51 helps enterprises and startups in designing, building and scaling their software platforms. Our advanced knowledge goes from web and mobile to IoT and desktop programming.
Although we are not bound to a specific technology or programming language, we prefer technologies that allow us to build solid, fast and scalable platforms over time. That's why we're member of the Erlang Ecosystem Foundation and Elixir and Erlang are our first choice when the scenario allows.
We also know and use NodeJS and Typescript on a daily basis as well as more traditional languages such as .NET or Java.

From legacy software to Cloud Native and Microservices

We help companies to transition their monolith legacy software to manageable and scalable software. We work with the customer's team to modernize their platforms supporting them in growing and transforming the old legacy unreliable software into a modern, Cloud Native and scalable one. We help our customers embrace new architectural patterns like microservices, deploy on modern infrastructure like K8s in the Cloud and keep everything running reliably.

RabbitMQ consultancy, support and maintenance

RabbitMQ is a tool that we consider fundamental in any distributed architecture and that we use in most of the software we work on. Also, since RabbitMQ is written in Erlang, we deeply understand its internals and functioning.
coders51 supports companies in designing the correct queues architecture, building resilient clients and maintaining cluster healthiness.


We work with our customers in widening their internal competences offering a rich catalogue of training. From Domain Driven Design to Agile Methodologies, from Test Driven Development to Refactoring Legacy Code we can help our customers' teams to grow by improving their performance and the quality of the software they write.

Success stories

Our range of customers includes enterprises and startups with or without specific technical know-how and developers aiming at improving their methods.


coders51 continues to promote several initiatives involving both local and global software communities. We are active members of XPUG Bologna both as co-organizers, supporters and spekers.
We also created Italian Elixir & Erlang Community to promote events and meetups concerning the BEAM ecosystem.
Also in 2019 we were co-organizers and hosts of Code Beam Lite Italy in Bologna together with Code Sync.

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If you're interested in what we do or you want to join our team feel free to reach us!